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Three years ago, we traveled with a group of about 30 people to witness and be apart of Morgan & Renee’s wedding in Belize.
This month, we traveled back to Belize to celebrate their marriage again but also, to give back.  Prior to leaving, we all were able to collect almost $1,000 for a service project in San Ignacio!  We planned to purchase beans & rice for the Great Beans & Rice Giveaway to families in need through Belize.  Renee worked with a local non-profit to figure out where these funds could go to best use.  Due to the large amount of money collected, we were not only able to purchase 400 lbs of rice, 200 lbs of beans, but we extended what we were giving and purchased local fruit and multiple pounds of flour and other items needed to make tortillas.

We spent the afternoon collecting and bundling the food, preparing to give it to families in need.

For me, the most beneficial part had yet to come.  By working with a local non-profit and the expertise of a great driver, we set out to deliver the food to several families.  We had the opportunity to meet the families, some who welcomed us in their home or introduced us to their children, all who seemed so thankful just to have us there.  

Vinson Images-50
We are very thankful for the opportunity we had to meet and work with these incredible individuals.  And a huge shout out to Renee, who had a vision and put that vision into motion!  We’re just little chickens and she’s the big difference.  #littlechickenbigdifference

Vinson Images-15
To anyone traveling to Belize or interested in donating your time, there are multiple non-profits in the area that do fantastic work and we would love to pass on that information to you.  Feel free to contact us for more information!

Stay tuned for more Belize adventures and a special trip to Placencia Humane Society!

Want more details about our project –> Belize Project
For more of our adventures –> Facebook – Vinson Images


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