If you know anything about my family, you know we’re very playful group of people (to put it nicely).  We’re very ornery and sometimes walk the line of what’s appropriate and what isn’t.  My cousin and I’s relationship is no different.  However, when she asked me to shoot their wedding, I couldn’t pass up on that opportunity to capture every part of her personality from the ornery to sweet individual she is.

Her and her fiance traveled from Texas to see the family and while they were here we decided to take some Bridal Sessions with them!  I can’t even put into words how beautiful they both were, but today you just get a preview from Shayna’s Bridal Session!

Vinson Images-JV2_6356

Vinson Images-JAVF1640By using two different locations, we were able to capture different sides to Shayna and also give some killer images that were out of the norm for a Bridal Session!  You’re welcome Shayna for not showcasing any ornery photos of you!  🙂

Visit back tomorrow to see images from Meagan’s Bridal Session!

THANK YOU to these awesome ladies for their hard work on this shoot:
Hair:  Fallon Patterson-Yockey
Makeup:  Mashia Walker


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