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My favorite part of the year is when we go through all the Engagements, Bridals and Weddings and pick out our all-time favorite photos and then share with you!  🙂

The engagement session is usually the first time to really get to know the couple and enjoy some one-on-one time, see their personalities, and how they work with each other.  And let me tell you, we have the best couples.. in the world.  We had a real hard time slimming it down to 10, so we upped it to 15 this year!


Vinson Images-115

Vinson Images-87

Vinson Images-70

Vinson Images-76

Vinson Images-99

Vinson Images-66

Vinson Images-JV2_4908

Vinson Images-101

Vinson Images-112

Vinson Images-100

Vinson Images-JV1_7758-Edit

Vinson Images-JV2_1475

Whew….these couples are amazing, not only stunning but just incredible people to work with!  Cannot wait to see what 2016 brings!

Want more 2015 Favorites, follow back up tomorrow for 2015 Wedding Favorites!

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